Quijano Trust Corporation

Who we are

High Quality Standards, experience, promptness, reliability, and global recognition that have characterized Quijano & Associates since 1959, in like manner are reflected in Quijano Trust Corporation.

More hints Quijano & Associates, based on a worldwide recognition, and a clientele that is present on all five continents, presents “Quijano Trust Corporation” to its current and future clients.

conocer gente aleman Quijano Trust Corporation is a trust company established in the Republic of Panama, which bears trust license No. 002-2006 of March 9, 2006, issued by the Superintendency of Banks of Panama, and thus, is legal and organizationally authorized to carry out trust businesses with solid principles at the time of trust management in custody, for all kind of management of trust and investments.

Julio A. Quijano B.

site de rencontre ado love Born: Panama, Republic of Panama, November 9th, 1963.

great site Admitted: 1994, Panama.

l-tryptophan buy Education:

     • Hill School, Pottstown, Pennsylvania, 1982.

     • Colgate University, Bachelor Of Arts, 1986.

     • Tulane University, Juris Doctor, 1989.


     • Panama Bar Association

     • Panama Maritime Law Association (APADEMAR)

Professional Networks:

     • Society of Primerus Law Firms

     • International Lawyers Network (ILN)

     • Geneva Group International (GGI)

Languages: English | Spanish

Carla Rojas Pardini

Born: Panama, Republic of Panama, April 30th, 1977.

Admitted: 2000, Panama.


     • Universidad Santa María La Antigua, Bachelor in Law And Political

        Sciences, Magna Cum Laude, 2000.

     • Northwestern University, Master of Laws, 2001.

     • Georgetown University, School of Continuing Education, 2002


     • Panama Bar Association

     • Panama Maritime Law Association (APADEMAR)

     • American Bar Association; International Fiscal Association (IFA)

Languages: English | Spanish

Oliver Muñoz E.

Born: Panama, Republic of Panama, January 30th, 1977.

Admitted: 2000, Panama.


     • Universidad De Panamá, Bachelor in Laws and Political Sciences, 2000.

     • The University of Arizona, Master Of Laws in International Trade Law,


     • Instituto De Estudios Bursátiles, Universidad Complutense De Madrid.

        Specialist In Securities Market Analysis, 2002.

Languages: English | Spanish

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Internal Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is a permanent committee of its Board of Directors and an integral part of the Corporate Governance of Quijano Trust Corporation and its primary function is to assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight and supervision responsibilities regarding the effectiveness of the internal control system, the integrity of the reports and financial statements, the external and internal audit processes and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements as well as the policies and ethical behaviors established by the Board of Directors.

Compliance Committee

The objective of the Compliance Committee called Committee for the Prevention of Money Laundering is to support the management of the Compliance Officer of QTC and participate in making decisions related to the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism. The Compliance Committee is an instance of advice and coordination of Compliance issues and their management, which responds to the Board of Directors of QTC.


Our mission is to add value to our clients, shareholders, and associates, by means of the integration of a top-notch service of our procedures of legal management; within a mark of respect, personal service, seriousness, reliability and ethic, which is supported by the best human talent, as guarantee of success in the establishment, and continuance of business relations within our territory, and abroad.


Constantly improve our professional relationship with our clients all over the world, and to continue being known as a modern organization, reliable, and recognized by our high level of performance, efficiency, and efficacy, simultaneously incorporating the latest technology, quality control processes, and the selection of the best human talent in our industry.

Quijano Trust Corporation offers its clients trust services and other complementary services in this same line, taking advantage of Quijano & Associates client base, who currently request this service.

In our business plan, we have evaluated market analysis, financial plan and all matters related to the business and offered services.

The marketing we offer allows us to anticipate the needs of our clients and even create needs. In addition to establishing the distinctive features with respect to the competition, in order to overcome it and be more competitive in the market to which the product or service is directed.

Quijano Trust Corporation and Quijano & Associates competitive advantage is based on good relations with their clients, which offers them an entrance and facilitates the acceptance of these services, founded on a philosophy oriented to provide a personalized service and an agile and timely response to the clients. Some of these relationships have been maintained for two or even three generations, which accentuates the long trajectory and good relations with customers as a competitive advantage, implementing a technological structure that supports information systems, processes and strategy.